How to express a grievance or make a complaint

1.If our service is not what you expected or we made a mistake, please give us a chance to sort thingsout by contacting us to let us know what the problem is. We will investigate what happened and we will try to put things right as quickly as possible.

2. You can contact us by email or phone:

3. Our Support team will determine if your grievance can be resolved immediately or if it will require further investigation. If your query cannot be resolved immediately, we remain committed to do so in a prompt manner - usually within 5 Business Days. If you are not satisfied with the response sent to you, then you may raise this further with the Compliance team by following the process indicated in the Official complaint section.

Official complaint

1. You can contact the Compliance team by email:

2. We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 Business Days, and we will send you a response in writing when our investigation is completed.

3. The complaint handling time limits vary depending on the nature of the complaint:

What is the complaint about
Response time limits
Payment services e.g., bank transfers
15 days
Most other complaints
8 weeks
4. If we do not respond within the prescribed time limits, or if you are unhappy with how we have dealt with your complaint, you can submit your complaint in writing to the attention of The Manager of The Bank Supervision Department of the Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBB). Please note that the CBB does not act as arbitrator and does not have legal powers to settle disputes. It acts mainly as an intermediary between the complainant and the bank in question and seeks to establish a factual account of the situation or issue that led to the complaint and to determine whether any violation of laws, regulations, policy, or guidelines has occurred. Regardless of the outcome of the mediation by the CBB, you can also seek legal remedies through the courts.

5. For details, please refer to our ‘Complaints Handling Procedure’ (available on our website