BankPro Risks

With all investments, there are several substantial financial risks involved, of which you need to be aware and fully understand. This includes, but is not limited to, the list provided below.

Seek independent professional advice where necessary before proceeding with any investment & carefully read all legal disclosures and documentation.

  • Your capital is at risk
  • Investing in Shares
  • Dividends and voting rights
  • No Investment advice
  • Market gaps & suspensions
  • Exchange rate risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Business risk
  • Diversification risk
  • Market Risk
  • Regulatory risk
  • Technical risk
  • Tax info
  • Personal financial situation

Your capital is at risk

BankPro cannot & does not guarantee the performance or profitability of any investment or specific instrument.
Your capital is always at risk and the value of your investments and the income deriving from it can rise as well as fall. There is the possibility to lose the entire principal investment.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance, nor a reliable indicator of future results or performance.

The value of any investment may fall, and prices will vary according to the underlying market on which the instruments are listed. Markets fluctuate and we cannot control the change in prices, which may be rapid, or unexpected.

As a result, the return on any investments may fluctuate rapidly, especially when the market is volatile.

Investing in Shares

When you buy stocks, you are purchasing shares of the underlying asset, the value of which is based on the financial condition of that company, as well as many other factors relating to the market, industry sector or economy in which the company operates.

Several fundamental and technical factors affect pricing, including but not limited to: Inflation, liquidity, economic conditions, trends, large exchange transactions and consumer behaviours.

Corporate actions (Dividends, Stock splits, Spins offs/mergers & Earning reports) may have a dramatic effect on the price of a share. Earning reports are often associated with increased volatility.

When investing in a portfolio of shares, you should take into consideration the individual risks associated with each component, as well as the portfolio as a whole.

When investing in shares with BankPro we will hold the shares in custody on your behalf as beneficiary, however, you will not be able to transfer your ownership to another entity as you would not be the legal owner of the shares.

Dividends and voting rights

Dividends will be paid as a cash adjustment when holding long positions on the applicable Share on the ex-div date. Companies are not obliged to pay dividends and the payment of such is not guaranteed.

Although there is the right to receive dividends, you may not be entitled to voting rights at company meetings, regardless of the size of your investment, due to certain industry regulatory restrictions.

No Investment advice

BankPro does not provide investment or financial advice and you are solely responsible to monitor the investments you hold and to be aware of any news or data releases which may impact the instrument or sector.

Marketing material provided by BankPro does not take into consideration your personal financial situation or objectives. We may provide information or analysis regarding instruments, however, this content should not be considered as containing any investment advice or recommendations and we suggest conducting independent research before taking any action.

Market gaps & suspensions

Shares are only available for trading when the underlying exchange on which they are listed are open. Market gaps occur when exchanges close daily, resulting in price gaps (the opening price differs from the previous closing price) and this may cause unexpected losses. Price gaps can also occur during periods of volatility or low liquidity in the underlying market.

During abnormal trading conditions, such as illiquidity or intense volatility, exchanges may restrict or suspend trading, which may make it impossible to execute your requested positions at that time.

Exchange rate risk

When an investment product, money account or market you are exposed to is denominated in another currency, exchange rate fluctuations may have a negative effect on your returns or the value of shares or balance in your base currency.

BankPro always aims to provide the best possible exchange rates available, however, multiple external factors affect the exchange rates including geopolitical factors, economic data, natural disasters etc among others.

Liquidity risk

Liquidity refers to the amount of interest there is in a specific instrument and how easy it is to buy or sell in the underlying market. Adverse market conditions or exchange suspensions on the underlying market may make it impossible to liquidate your position(s) promptly and could result in a loss of investment. Whilst most of the shares offered by BankPro are very liquid, well established public companies, this does not exclude the possibility of liquidation risk in specific economic circumstances or the fact that smaller companies or those located or associated with certain territories may have an increased risk.

Business risk

In the case of company insolvency, by BankPro or a 3rd party, this may result in your positions/portfolio being liquidated and you may not receive back the full amount invested.

In the case of insolvency or delisting of a publicly listed company in which you hold shares, you may lose your entire investment in the instrument, as ordinary shareholders have the least rights.

Diversification risk

Diversification is the process of dividing capital across a range of asset classes, to reduce exposure and risk associated with one asset/instrument. Constructive diversification means splitting capital within each asset class as well, for example within Share trading, to invest in different types of companies and sectors. Avoid large holdings in one sector or asset class.

Whilst diversification can help to reduce overall risk, it is important to note that doing so will not necessarily protect against losses, due to ‘Systematic’ (market) risk.

Market Risk

Market risk is the possibility of the overall market being impacted by a specific circumstance or set of circumstances. This may include for example:

  • Financial recessions
  • Geopolitical events
  • Natural disasters
  • Changes to interest or exchange rates

This can result in the decline of the entire equity market or a specific exchange/sector.

Regulatory risk

Regulations and local laws are subject to change which may or may not have an impact on your investment opportunities and existing account holdings. BankPro endeavours to inform you within a reasonable timeframe should any such changes or updates come into place, which affects your investments or financial activities with us.

Technical risk

We take steps to implement technological processes to ensure that our systems and software are available to you with smooth operation. We regularly perform system maintenance and software improvements, however, the reliance on technology cannot be guaranteed.

In specific situations outside of our control, there may be an unavoidable interruption to services. You are responsible to use a reliable and secure internet connection and that you have all the necessary software requirements.

Tax info

Under the CRS agreement (common reporting standard), we are legally required to establish the tax residency status of all our clients, however, we do not provide tax advice and you are solely responsible to report your finances as per your status & local jurisdiction tax authority. Tax laws are subject to change and you should seek independent advice where necessary.

Personal financial situation

Consider how much risk you can take and whether you are in the financial situation to be able to afford to take the high risk to bear significant losses, or even lose your entire investment, without effecting any of your compulsory financial obligations.

We remind you of the following for personal risk management:

  • Determine your risk appetite & tolerance (your ability to lose, age, economic status, current financial situation, set financial goals & timelines)
  • Research and understand the underlying market
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Remain disciplined within your risk management strategy
Consider whether you have understood all the risks involved to make independent investment decisions. The above is not an exhaustive list and we suggest carefully reading all relevant legal documentation, as well as seeking independent financial advice as needed.

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