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We offer small-medium enterprises and large corporates a range of treasury products, including the following key features:

At BankPro, we understand that managing corporate finances can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

Our professional team has extensive corporate banking experience, and our vision is to be recognised as a global player in the corporate treasury space.

At BankPro, we put ourselves behind champions and professionals, and we will put ourselves behind businesses that want to soar over any finishing line.


Making internal transfers to manage working capital or cash flows. Making internal transfers to manage working capital or cash flows.


Equipping you with a powerful reporting capability that is integrated with their accounting software.

Whether you're looking to streamline your accounting processes or optimise your cash flow, the BankPro app is an indispensable tool for any modern business.

Contact us today to learn more about how BankPro can help your business grow.

Our corporate success managers are standing by to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need to succeed.

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With an elegant look, the BankPro card comes in a sleek and professional matte black design, that compliments our professional financial services.

Striking matte black & silver design

Spend anywhere in the world like a local at live exchange rates

Freeze and unfreeze cards as needed

Withdraw globally from any ATM**

Free standard shipping

Instant transaction status updates and notifications

*Subject to daily & monthly cash limits. More information can be found in our FAQs

Virtual cards

Send and receive funds globally to friends and family

Shop online and make instant payments

Set daily and monthly purchasing limits

Top up via card, bank wire, apple pay or google pay

Create multiple currency accounts connected to a single virtual card

Card security features such as unlock CVV

BankPro is part of a group of companies with 15 years of industry experience.
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