About Us

BankPro is a digital private bank, within the global umbrella of the FxPro Group Ltd family of financial and investment companies. This includes renowned international brokerage company FxPro and the private digital banking and investment company BankPro.

Bank Pro

With over 15 years of proven excellence and professionalism, FxPro Group Ltd has been granted 70+ international awards, registered millions of accounts and achieved numerous milestones of success, pertaining to our ongoing commitment to providing the best online financial services technology in the market.

BankPro is the latest in the group’s expanding financial enterprise, providing professional banking services with flexible and convenient solutions, alongside digital investment platform facilities.

Bank Pro

Group Facts

FxPro Group Ltd has consistently established itself as one of the leading financial businesses, backed up by impressive numbers:

years of excellence
international awards
invested in sponsorships
Tier 1 Capital
multilingual customer support

Safety First

Offering the highest standards of safety for our clients' funds is paramount, especially in the digital banking sphere. BankPro takes several steps to ensure that client data is protected and that you can have absolute confidence in our security.

  • Highest levels of personal data encryption
  • 2-step login authentication
  • Card Freezing capability
  • €100million+ in Group tier capital
  • Financial reports are audited by PWC, a leading global financial auditor, ensuring that our operations are conducted to the highest possible standards.
  • High credit score, with a grade of 95/100 bequeathing us the status’ very low risk’.

For a provider you can trust —
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